"The Father of  Possibleology & Possibility Education"

Vindication of Broken Women Who Possess Deep Wells: The Samaritan Woman Principle

By Dr. Oscar J. Dowdell-Underwood

Every extraordinary encounter usually opens the door to extraordinary transformation and revelation of extraordinary potential. Having chosen to identify the Samaritan Woman by her human struggles, as opposed to her incredible deposit, humanity has been robbed of an incredible gift of empowerment and transformation that are possible in the lives of those who have the opportunity to learn the truth about her incredible, grace-transformed life.

In this book, Oscar J. Dowdell-Underwood, Ph.D. takes you on a journey back over two thousand years ago to a hot day at Jacob's Well, one of the deepest wells in the region, where JESUS kept a grace-appointment with an incredibly destined and purposed, yet misunderstood, woman who had become weary of living a mediocre life that was far beneath the purpose and destiny for which GOD created her to fulfill. One grace-encounter with JESUS transformed her and humanity forever. It's time for humanity to know the truth about her life and her incredible deposit!