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                                                               INHERENT POWER & VESTED EMPLOYEES
                                                                                       By Dr. Oscar J. Dowdell-Underwood

Inherent power is an authority possessed without its being derived from another. It is a right, ability or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that right, ability or faculty from another. “Vested” refers to a right, benefit, or privilege that is protected or established by law, commitment, tradition or ownership. It provides the basis for a mindset and business model, whereby, employees take personal ownership of the organization’s purpose, operation and impact and are empowered to exercise their inherent power – their inalienable right to use their intellect, talents, skills, and abilities - to effectuate the organizational vision.

Research shows that large salaries and bonuses do not motivate employees whose jobs require strategic and critical thinking and creativity, in fact, money demotivates them. Increasing performance and profitability of employees requires more – at the very least – autonomy and sense of purpose. These two elements provide the foundation for employees taking ownership of the organization’s purpose and vesting their inherent power to effectuate that purpose in meaningful and impactful ways.

Thus, while corporations decry the lack of an adequately educated and skilled workforce, this is not the crux of the problem. The potential of educated and skilled employees will not be maximized where the organization has not motivated the employee to boldly, creatively, and freely vest their unique talents, skills, abilities, and intellect to actuate the vision of the organization. This motivation or empowerment begins and ends with whether the corporation confirms or debunks the employee’s perception of mattering.

With, Inherent Power and Vested Employees, Dr. Dowdell-Underwood uses social science research to outline the cause and effect relationship between perceptions of mattering and maximizing employees’ human potential. In addition to establishing a theoretical paradigm, Dr. Dowdell-Underwood offers insightful, practical and impactful solutions for motivating to vest their inherent power and bring about desired results.