"The Father of  Possibleology & Possibility Education"
Inherent Power: A Collaborative Model For Transformational Living

The legal definition of inherent power is: “an authority possessed without its being derived from another. It is a right, ability or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that right, ability or faculty from another.”

Each individual has inherent power, which by its definition, enables him or her to break through any limitation that compromises his or her ability to be, do, have, and experience what he or she was created to be, do, have and experience.

The Inherent Power Model is a collaborative, person-centered model focused on helping others recognize and actualize their inherent power to conquer limitations and advance forward into the deeper dimensions of destiny. It is a synergistic approach, whereby, the supply of external resources works in concert with the deployment of one's own inherent power to transform lives and transcend barriers.

Importantly, the root of every limitation is an illusion that has been accepted as truth, and thereby, given the illegitimate power to shape the context and contour of one’s experiences and everyday life. However, once one becomes aware of their inherent power, limitations become powerless and one is able to achieve exponentially.